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Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are. - Augustine

De-Tuning Your Life

Posted by: Mike McCloskey on December 17th, 1:42 PM. 1 Comments

Recently I was having a conversation with my 30-year-old son about music, specifically, playing the guitar. He related to me a story of a time when he was in college pursuing his degree in music. He had a very demanding (read, excellent) guitar teacher who taught him in what I thought was a profound way. My son would work for weeks on a classical guitar piece until he could play it with…


One Thing

Posted by: Mike McCloskey on December 12th, 10:39 PM. 4 Comments

“What is the number one issue you see as really messing up marriages?” A friend asked me this question recently. I confess I really dislike questions like this. Perhaps I shouldn’t but I think what they provoke is the idea that there is something, if properly understood and applied, would lead to an easy-to-follow path toward harmony and happiness - you know, a kind of technological…


Things Hidden

Posted by: Mike McCloskey on January 8th, 12:13 PM. 6 Comments

I ran across Bill Zeller's story yesterday. Didn't know of him previously, but reading his suicide note - uncovering his past of being sexually abused and the soul killing fallout in his life was sobering. I was reminded once again that we simply don't know what darkness and hemmorhagic pain lurk behind the eyes of those around us.



Posted by: Mike McCloskey on March 20th, 8:58 PM. 7 Comments

How she came to be there is anyone’s guess. She could have crept her way in, past whomever it was who might be in charge of governing the guest list, hiding herself under the kind of folds of cloth a woman might wear when she wished to cover the feminine.

Not likely. There is nothing about her which seems to have been able to hide anything about who she was and what she might want among…


The Sanity of Lament

Posted by: Mike McCloskey on August 26th, 5:05 PM. 7 Comments

A friend recently told me that as he sat down to talk with a trusted mentor about his life, he immediately burst into tears. If you knew my friend you might be surprised by this - he does not come across as one particularly given to emotional undoing. He normally seems confident, in control, and happy - and in many respects he really is. But what is it that sitting with another’s eyes upon…


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